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NOTE:  There are major changes coming to ETS'  Over the next several months, will transform into a PaganMusic Information Website.  In the meanwhile, there are some great deals to be had for stores, while we continue to liquidate our stock.

   You should immediately Bookmark this page for future reference and then join our "Wholesale" Announcement List (below) to be kept informed of changes, and new releases from Alexian.

    When the Registration Screen appears, make sure to check the box next to:
                                                                      "ETS Wholesale List - *For Stores Only*".

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Wholesale Ordering Information

About Ordering Wholesale

Domestic USA Wholesale Orders only.  No International Wholesale Orders will be processed. Sorry.

There is a $50 (wholesale price) minimum order.  Please fax your actual State Resale Tax ID Certificate to us at 267-375-5013 before ordering.  Note:  If we do not receive your Tax Certificate, (and your business can be verified by other means) and you are a Florida based store, we will have to charge sales tax on your order.

All orders must be prepaid with PayPal or Credit Card.


Step by Step Ordering Directions

Online Ordering with Credit Card or Paypal
    (Preferred Method for Efficiency & Quicker Service!)
If you'd like to place a Wholesale Order Online with our Secure Shopping Cart, please follow these instructions:

A. Wholesale Online Shopping Cart Access
  Browse the online ETS Online Store with our secure shopping cart by clicking on any of the links to the left in the green border. 

Printable HTML Wholesale Catalog with ALL Items Listed

B. Add Your Items
Shop just like a retail customer, adding items to your shopping cart as you find them.

C. When Ready to Checkout, Enter Your Secret Code
  Enter the "Secret Wholesale Code" into the "Pricing Category" field just before clicking on "Secure Check Out".  This is the Code
that we gave you when you faxed in your State Resale Tax ID.  This will give your entire order a 40% discount off retail.

D. Submit your Florida Resale Tax Certificate
If you are a Florida Store, you must then Fax your current Resale Tax ID Certificate as soon as possible in order to be tax exempt.  Once we have it on file, we will only have to update it once a year.  If you do not have access to a fax machine, you may snail mail a Xerox copy of it in to:  Earth Tones Studios, 23 Alafaya Woods Blvd #324, Oviedo, FL 32765  Note:  If we do not receive your Tax Certificate, and you are a Florida based store, we will have to charge sales tax on your order.

E. About Shipping Charges
  The shipping price that the shopping cart quotes you should be correct.  It includes a $3.00 handling fee per order.


To Order by Phone/Fax with a Credit Card
(Again... the Preferred Method for Efficiency & Quicker Service is to order Online!)

However, if you'd still like to place a Wholesale Order via Phone or Fax, Print out the following listing,

Printable HTML Wholesale Catalog with ALL Items Listed 

Make sure you include your credit card number, with expiration date and the 3-digit PIN from the back of the card. 

ETS Voicemail: 407-366-5013  Speak Slowly & Clearly, and Spell any Difficult words

ETS Fax: 267-375-5013

(Note: Email List Discount only applies to Retail Customers.)

Thank you for your order! We look forward to serving you.

Here's to a prosperous relationship!

Alexian & The ETS Staff!   :)


Earth Tones Studios, 23 Alafaya Woods Blvd. #324, Oviedo, FL   407-366-5013
Copyright 1997 through 2009 Earth Tones Studios.  All rights reserved.